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Start your healing journey today!

Begin your journey towards true wellbeing with our online quiz designed to offer you a reflective glimpse into your current state of health and wellbeing and provide you with personalised solutions to help you move forward.



Transform Your Health and Healing Paradigm

At Lighthouse Healing Academy we aid the evolution of our students health and healing mindset by teaching holistic, integrative, and alternative healing modalities that nurture the body, heart, mind and soul.

We bring together lessons and principles about health and disease that explore the relationship between our mind, body and social experience.

We believe in an integrative healthcare model that builds a bridge between conventional approaches alongside holistic and alternative practices, methods, and techniques.

One of our main objectives is to educate, inspire and empower a new wave of coaches to help build a cultural shift towards true wellbeing. 



Create a Life of Optimum Wellbeing

Lighthouse Healing Academy has built a comprehensive curriculum to help to educate, inspire and empower clients, students and our growing global community.

On our "Foundations Programs" you will learn how to understand your own health and wellbeing. You'll begin to explore essential principles to demystify physiological and psychological symptoms such as diabetes, heart disease, chronic pain, migraines, anxiety and depression.

Together we begin to address the relationship between symptoms and personal experiences of conflict, stress, trauma, and other lifestyle factors.

The LHA Wellbeing Coach Training Program™ is for those considering working professionally in the wellbeing industry and those wanting to gain further education and certification.


This course contains in-depth training on how to integrate specific skills into your practice. We explore the intricacies of aiding clients to self-heal from illnesses of the body and mind.  We go into great detail about the mind-body-social connection, the chronic illness process, many common symptoms, mental health, and how to become an excellent wellbeing coach.


Begin your journey today. Join The Waiting List for the course/s you're interested in and you'll receive information on our upcoming events.

Coming in 2024

Foundations Program:

Introduction to the Science of Illness, Health & Healing™


Live INSPIRED Tribe™

Online Meetup Community

Coming in 2024

Foundations Program:

Discover The True
Root-Cause of Psychological Symptoms

Coming in 2024

Advanced Program:

LHA Wellbeing Coach Training Program



Explore Solutions to Your Health Challenges Today

Are You Ready to Discover The Hidden Wisdom of Your Symptoms & Finally Overcome Them?


If You Are Experiencing Health Challenges of Body or Mind, That You're Ready To Overcome, Then Embark on a Journey of Self-Discovery with The LITness Test™ Today!.

Dive into our insightful quiz designed to offer you a reflective glimpse into your current state of health and wellbeing. It will serve as a supportive guide on your path of overcoming health challenges of body and mind toward optimum wellbeing.



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Empower Communities to Make Lasting Shifts in Wellbeing

You may have heard the saying: “It takes a village to raise a child”?
At Lighthouse Healing Academy, we believe it takes an informed and empowered community to aid the healing journey and create lasting shifts towards health.

The Live INSPIRED Tribe™ is a membership program where we meet monthly to support our members journey towards optimum wellbeing.


If you’d love to find out about joining our growing tribe, and explore this life and health transforming information further, contact us on the link below.



“This work moves my soul in a way I never expected. It feels like I can breathe again in a way I haven't been able to in YEARS!”

Charline Green



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