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Welcome to Our Conscious Healing Community
Lighthouse Healing Academy

Supporting, Encouraging & Empowering You To Make Lasting Shifts In Wellbeing

Does now seem like the time to join a Conscious Healing Community?

Would ongoing support for your health, wellbeing and empowerment be something of real value to you?

If so then this could be for you...

The Live Inspired Tribe Membership Program™ Coming Soon!

What Are The Benefits To Joining?

  • Be part of a growing Conscious Healing Community that will "hold-space" for you in a loving and kind way.

  • Explore life changing solutions to your health challenges tapping into over 20 years of experience in health and healing.

  • Feel supported and understood as you take conscious steps towards Optimum Wellbeing and Empowerment.

  • Discover answers to your questions regarding your own health, your loved ones and clients too.


You'll also gain priority access and special offers for upcoming products and services presented by LHA.

If you'd like to find out how to join our membership program then simply click the button below, leave your details and we'll be in contact with you soon with further information.

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The INSPIRE Wellbeing Model™

Throughout the Live INSPIRED Tribe Membership Program™ you will get to experience the 8 key elements of The INSPIRE Wellbeing Model™ (IWM).

For over 20 years Jon has supported clients back to health that were suffering from serious chronic illness.

The principles shared within the 8 elements of the IWM were found to make the biggest difference to clients lives.

All of the products and services that LHA offers are designed to assist you in discovering and implementing these life changing principles.

What's the Structure of the Membership Program?

Each month there will be 2 live online meetings:

  • The first live session is a "light seat" coaching call where we'll explore members challenges, questions and progress towards optimum wellbeing and empowerment.

  • The second live session is a guided healing transformation experience where we'll use the framework of The Insight Method™ to explore a specific symptom or health challenge as a group.

  • Each month you'll receive additional supportive content based on what you feel you'd like most help with. These will be helpful transformational tools (For example a values exercise, a guided meditation or another transformational process), a short presentation on a specific symptom, or something else that the group asks for.

Here's The Essential Information:

  • We meet together live every month. If you're unable to join live, don't worry, all sessions are recorded and shared in a private membership portal.

  • If you decide to join, all vital information will be emailed to you.

SPECIAL "Founding Members" Offer

As we're just in the process of beginning this membership program we are offering 2 very special discounts to our first 20 Founding Members.


As a Founding Member you get full access to all the benefits of the Live Inspired Tribe™ Membership Program plus some special bonuses to be revealed soon.

Here are the 2 special offers:

Option One: Pay Monthly Membership

Option Two: If you know you'd love to make a longer term commitment to your health and wellbeing then we have a 1 year membership offer.

If this is an opportunity that feels like it has come at the perfect time for you then contact us today to find out how to join.

Meet The Facilitator


Jon is a Transformational Health Specialist, highly trained in the art & science of self-healing and the mind-body connection. He specialises in alternative healing methods that aid in the prevention and resolution of a wide range of symptoms including chronic pain, migraines, chronic fatigue, metabolic and autoimmune disorders. 

Two years after the sudden death of his mother, on 10th July 2000, Jon decided to dedicate his life to helping people with their health and wellbeing. The journey  led him to many important findings and the understanding of how personal experiences of conflict, stress, and traumatic life events impact our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions which can become expressed as illnesses of the body and mind.

Using his extensive training and experience, Jon works directly with clients and students to uncover and resolve the upstream, causal elements of their symptoms in order to assist them through the healing journey back to optimum health.

Jon has been teaching the principles shared on this course to hundreds of clients and students around the world for nearly 14 years with powerful and profound shifts occurring in the lives of all of those he gets to teach.

Discover how to become a member of the Live INSPIRED Tribe
today by contacting us through the

"Join Waiting List" button below.

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