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Foundations Program:
Introduction to the Science of Illness, Health & Healing™
Discover the True Reason, Meaning, and Purpose of Illness and How to Make Miraculous Shifts Happen

New 2024 Dates Coming Soon

We are inspired to bring you this deeply insightful 10 week course on the art and science of self-healing.


During this program you will be introduced to the first element of the INSPIRE Wellbeing Model™. You'll learn 7 essential and impactful principles about the art and science of illness, health and healing.

These principles will support you in making life and health enhancing decisions for yourself and those you love and care for.

Read more information about the course below or fill out your details on the 'Join Waiting List' button. We'll be in contact with you soon with more information on how to secure your place.

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This Program Will Help You:

  • Discover a holistic and integrative system for health that will help you to live a life of optimum wellbeing.

  • Learn profound principles on how specific thoughts, feelings, and experiences impact your health in the short, medium and long term.

  • Learn powerful methods for symptom analyse and create your unique roadmap towards optimum wellbeing.

During this insightful program we are going to introduce you to the S.P.E.C.I.A.L Model™, the Personal Wellbeing Roadmap™, and the Symptom Analysis Process™.

The S.P.E.C.I.A.L Model™ covers 7 essential principles to become a master of your health and healing.


Here's a brief overview:
S - The Soulution Model- A deeply insightful exploration of the intricate connection between your body, mind and social experience leading to a deeper connection and understanding of the true reason, meaning and purpose of illness.

P - Paradigm - An investigation into the specific building blocks of your paradigm; What is it? How is it formed? What impact does that have on the way you experience life? How can you begin to make shifts happen?

E - Epigenetics - A mind-opening overview of the key concepts of the new science of life and how your thoughts, feelings, and experiences, directly impact your genetic expression and biology.

C - The Chronic Dis-ease Process - Exploring the dynamics of the chronic disease process and the role our unique experiences of conflict, stress, trauma and resulting thoughts, beliefs and emotions impact us over time.

I - Our Immune System - A deeper look at the body's amazing immune system; What it is, how it works, and how it evolves through time and experience.

A - The Autonomic Nervous System & The HPA Axis - An essential exploration of the body's two major stress responses that leads to profound personal revelations as to how your thoughts directly and instantaneously impact both your physiology and psychology.

L - The 5 Biological Laws - Discover 5 profound and powerful laws about the specific mechanics of illness and beautiful wisdom about your body's innate intelligence.

During this highly interactive experience we will cover all of the concepts within the S.P.E.C.I.A.L Model™ which lay the foundations for us to explore the Symptom Analysis Process™ and create your Personal Wellbeing Roadmap™.

The Symptom Analysis Process™ is a specific framework and step by step process you can use to analyse any symptom you experience (such as pain, migraines, fatigue, high blood pressure, diabetes) so that you may gain greater insight from your body and begin to make wise choices for your own health and wellbeing.


The Personal Wellbeing Roadmap™ is a guided process to help you create a vision of what optimum health and wellbeing looks and feels like for you and to map out the journey from where you are to the actualisation of that vision.

Course Dates/Times:
New 2024 Course Dates Coming Soon


Join our course waiting list and we'll be in touch soon with more information on upcoming courses.

Meet the Trainer:


Jon Robson is a Transformational Wellbeing Specialist highly trained in the art & science of self-healing and the mind-body connection. He specialises in alternative healing methods that aid in the prevention and healing of a wide range of symptoms including chronic pain, migraines, chronic fatigue, metabolic and autoimmune disorders. 

Two years after the sudden death of his mother, on 10th July 2000, Jon decided to dedicate his life to helping people with their health and wellbeing. The journey has led him to many important findings and the understanding of how personal experiences of conflict, stress, and traumatic life events impact our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions which can become expressed as illness in the body and mind.

Using his extensive training and experience, Jon works directly with clients and students to uncover and resolve the upstream, causal elements of their symptoms in order to assist them through the healing journey back to optimum health.

Jon has been teaching the principles shared on this course to hundreds of clients and students around the world for nearly 14 years with powerful and profound shifts occurring in the lives of all of those he gets to teach.

If you get the sense that this course is for you then click the "Join Waiting List" button below and we'll be in touch with you with further information on how to secure your place.

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